Thursday, September 21, 2017

1963 Winnebago Cab Over

1963 Winnebago Cab Overorig. watercolor, 8x10in, matted to fit 11x14in frame
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A 1963 Winnebago Cab Over is our camper of the day today. 

What a beauty! It was pure joy for me to paint it. You know how I love red, vintage red that is on those cute campers and this one here sports it! I kept the composition somewhat simplified as I didn't want to take away from the campers beauty. I think it has still lots of interest already with the striped awning and the accessories around it.

The fall has arrived here and it makes me tired. I see all the work that is waiting around the house to be done before winter and all I want to do is curl up and sleep! 
I'm still catching up from my last weekends away painting and on my courses. With three kids the chores just don't do themselves. Oh well, it'll get done. The chores AND the stuff around the house. 

On a positive note, I picked most of the apples from our tree in the back and they are nice and big this year! I hope to grab a longer ladder tomorrow to climb up and get the upper ones- they are even nicer looking! I can see apple crisp in our near future;-)

Thank you for stopping by and I'll be here with another campie, fresh off my easel;-)
thanks again and enjoy the beautiful fall if you can!

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