Saturday, September 23, 2017

1969 Catalina from New Zealand- a Lesson in Perspective

1969 Catalina from New Zealand!
watercolor study 8x10in,  (not for sale)

Today's camper is one of the hardest campers I have ever painted. It's shape, color and a canvas tent that is longer than the trailer caused a huge challenge.
I call today's painting a fail, but a learning experience.
Still I am posting my laboured efforts, just to show you that not every painting works out. And I have to be honest, posting this is a bit humbling, too. And I hope this painting will be a good teaching-lesson for me. I want to get better at what I do, this is why I started painting to paint 30 paintings in 30 days a few years back under the umbrella of artist Leslie Saeta's call to join her.

Let's analyze...!

So what happened  today you might ask? I was trying so hard to capture the immaculate high gloss finish. The muted colors were almost white soft pastel tones. I was trying hard to capture the rounded front windows, the tent-addition and simplify the layout somewhat. There were extra canvas stipes on the awning poles, too that I wasn't sure would read right in the painting. I edited those out.
First, the area rug seemed to fall out from the painting. I didn't see this as I don't have good perspective from the get-go. Then I asked my dear husband and he told me. As I tried to see it and adjust the rug's shape, I saw the pole on the left ended up too long, and as a result the corner of the awning looked to be by that pole.
So I painted the white pole over to fit with the dark open door (you can still see where I patched that pole, haha). At this point, I knew there was no going back, nor going forward. So, here I am posting this camper in hopes to being able to try a second round... but I might take a couple of days with other campers to calm my nerves, haha.
Anyhow, thank you so much for following along and hope to see you tomorrow again!
Sorry my sentences might read jumbled. I'm just too tired and weary now. Time for bed, zzzz.

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