Saturday, September 2, 2017

Canadian Boler in White

Canadian Boler, watercolor, comes matted to fit 16x20 frame, info and purchase click here.

Today's feature painting is this cute 1980's Canadian Boler. I dropped off our daughter at her summer camp and did a quick drive to the nearby campground which has become almost a routine for me now to scout out possible vintage camper sightings. My kids they just roll their eye when mother gets the long neck looking for campground signage.

Little story around the painting

Anyhow, it was a beautiful day and the small island campground is built right by the ocean front. There is a lighthouse at the grounds, too. The US is right across a small strip of ocean, maybe a couple hundred yards away. The lighthouse is really needed as the tides are very high around here, actually, we have the world's highest tides. Furthermore, these masses of water pushing in and out of the Bay of Fundy create a nutrient rich feeding ground for whales and wildlife. But with these enormous amounts of water being in constant movement, result in strong currents, too. This current is the strongest in the Western Hemisphere by the campground on Deer Island is called Old Sow. One can see the swirling movements even from shore.

OK, finally, now to come back to today's painting... almost got carried away, haha! As I am doing my drive-around on the campground, I see this little fiberglass Canadian Boler. It was all by itself in the hight of summer at this little oceanfront campground! Of course I stopped the car and walked to the owners and asked if I would be allowed to take a couple of photographs. We had a nice chat, they were from New Brunswick, and they even showed me the inside. It has carpet on the walls inside and was very, very well kept. I could see how much love and care has been given to this little gem. I met the owners later at the PEI camper meet again- surely a small (camper) world in this neck of our woods!

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