Sunday, January 7, 2018

RPod Watercolour- Creating Custom Paintings

simone ritter art 2018 watercolor kims rpod 8x10in art commission glamping painting

RPod Watercolour- Creating Custom Paintings- (Painting is Sold)

Before Christmas I got contacted by a woman who proudly owns an RPod camper.
She has seen my name endorsed on the website and sent me an email after visiting my website.
So far I have painted lots of vintage campers, glampers, VWs and the like but modern, new campers have not been my regular fare. I loved how she reached out and accepted the commission.
It was funny how I quickly set out to put the first layer of basic shape on the paper and it was the oval, egg-shape of so many of my vintage 'glampies'. I really got a juckle busting my own well trodden path, haha! Nothing better than starting the new year with something new, right?
The owner is a designer and wants to create a custom flag for her campsite, too. So came to an agreement of using the image for her personal use. So far I have not been approached by a designer to use my art in a design product. I have used them myself in my calendars, cards and other products though.

About Copyright:

Interesting to know, the copyright of artwork stays with the artist even if the painting is sold! Many people don't know this and might (unknowingly) infringe on copyrights by creating cards and the like of artwork they own.
simone ritter art 2018 watercolor watercolour rpod camper glamping blue

I appreciated the openness of the collector and it made for a very positive collaboration. The painting is already on the way to its new home and I hope she will enjoy her painting and her camper flag. I am excited to see her final product and cannot wait to share with you;-).
With sub-zero temps in the Maritimes again, I'm dreaming of summer, sun, warm and camping and meeting new friends and likeminded! Only, hm... maybe 4 more months to go, haha! Thanks for stopping by and stay in touch with new art soon!

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