Thursday, January 11, 2018

St Andrews Winter Painting Spears Fishing Hut

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St Andrews Winter Painting Spears Fishing Hut

orig. oil on canvas, 8x10in approx. $225

more info and purchase here

This one took me a bit longer to paint. I am determined to not give up with the sub zero temperatures the East Coast has seen lately. So I strapped my oil painting kit and tuckered off down to the wharf to do some paintin'. Smart thinking I was loaded with hand warmer pads, ski pants and triple layers underneath my down coat. I guess I must have looked like the Michelin Man wobbling down the street. I have to say I stayed warm until almost to the very end when the sun went down and my fingers and toes got nippy.
First session, laying underpainting down[/caption]
I couldn't quite finish the painting in one session, so I went down a couple of days later during similar weather. My hope is to see the various colours reflecting in the snow. Not just the dirty, brown snow, but the blue and purple-ish cast shadows, the yellowish snow reflecting the low angle afternoon rays and so on... it is a journey. The longer I am looking at snow (and white in general), the more I learn to see subtle colour variations in the landscape. I hope to continue observation this winter... sun is setting, time to finish the painting

Living the long winter

Making myself go out does my spirits well as they are lifted in the fresh breeze and with the sunshine. Winters are hard for me here, German winters are shorter and not as harsh, and I have to admit that I never really have adjusted to the winter climate here. My dear husband has just put in an order for a 'mood light' to help me beat the winter blues. It hasn't arrived but I'm looking forward to indulging in a daily dose of 'happy rays'. Only 50 more days til Spring, yey!
Hope to being able to share more painting with you soon! Thank you for stopping by!!

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