Sunday, September 24, 2017

1955 Trotwood Cuborig. watercolor 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)
puchase info click here

This 1955 Trotwood Cub is my feature camper today. Have I ever mentioned I love red in vintage trailers???? Love the striped awning, wanted one for my little campie, but not the right red to be found for this color connoisseur, haha!

Unfortunately, I don't have any info on the (hi)story of this little guy, so I hopped over to my dear wiki-friends from the TinCanTourist website (big thanks!):

"It all began with Ray Kuntz and Warren Wagner back in the late 1920’s. These schoolteachers occupied their summers in a garage on Grand Avenue. Here they were designing a prototype canvas tent on wheels to take camping.

Despite the economic gloom of the Great Depression in 1932 they opened Trotwood Trailers. By 1950 they grew to control 20% of the camper trailer market in Ohio. Because there were many models to choose from. One of their largest models can still be seen in the mobile home park on East Main Street of Trotwood Ohio. It was a regular sight to see 12 trailers rolling out of town every day on their way to customers across North America.

Their neighbors tolerated the pair working long hours from their ‘home office’. They were not realizing the impact their inventions would have on the trailer world as a result from innovative axle systems to the first side entry door trailer. 
Unfortunately Fire destroyed Trotwood’s legacy business back in 1981. Thousands of campers and travel trailers were built on North Broadway, Trotwood Ohio, for delivery all across the country. Trotwood Trailers were respected due to their innovative features and high quality construction. Many still survive today but the company does not."

Saturday, September 23, 2017

1969 Catalina from New Zealand- a Lesson in Perspective

1969 Catalina from New Zealand!
watercolor study 8x10in,  (not for sale)

Today's camper is one of the hardest campers I have ever painted. It's shape, color and a canvas tent that is longer than the trailer caused a huge challenge.
I call today's painting a fail, but a learning experience.
Still I am posting my laboured efforts, just to show you that not every painting works out. And I have to be honest, posting this is a bit humbling, too. And I hope this painting will be a good teaching-lesson for me. I want to get better at what I do, this is why I started painting to paint 30 paintings in 30 days a few years back under the umbrella of artist Leslie Saeta's call to join her.

Let's analyze...!

So what happened  today you might ask? I was trying so hard to capture the immaculate high gloss finish. The muted colors were almost white soft pastel tones. I was trying hard to capture the rounded front windows, the tent-addition and simplify the layout somewhat. There were extra canvas stipes on the awning poles, too that I wasn't sure would read right in the painting. I edited those out.
First, the area rug seemed to fall out from the painting. I didn't see this as I don't have good perspective from the get-go. Then I asked my dear husband and he told me. As I tried to see it and adjust the rug's shape, I saw the pole on the left ended up too long, and as a result the corner of the awning looked to be by that pole.
So I painted the white pole over to fit with the dark open door (you can still see where I patched that pole, haha). At this point, I knew there was no going back, nor going forward. So, here I am posting this camper in hopes to being able to try a second round... but I might take a couple of days with other campers to calm my nerves, haha.
Anyhow, thank you so much for following along and hope to see you tomorrow again!
Sorry my sentences might read jumbled. I'm just too tired and weary now. Time for bed, zzzz.

Friday, September 22, 2017

1969 Shasta Compact 'Penny'

1969 Shasta Compact 'Penny'orig. watercolor 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)
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1969 Shasta Compact 'Penny' is my feature model today. Isn't she cute? I might be biased as I have a little Compact myself. You can see it's painting here.

Actually, I have known about 'Penny' for some time now as she was featured in the very first 'Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine' I received in the mail and her story was so real, her name being Penny as her reno did cost quite a good 'Penny', haha! 
Her proud owner operates now a camper renovation biz, AmericanTravelersRestorations - so if that's what you need for your camper near Hemet, CA, give them a jingle or check out their Instagram!

I am thinking of taking the kids camping next week sometime. Hm, fall is in the air, but the weather has been so warm, almost summery that it might be just too early to quit the camping season for another year. We shall see. My 'Little Wings' certainly is ready, all looking cute in the driveway. I have already looked at a campground that might do the trick.
It is getting late here, so I better call it a day and fold in for the day (if that's a correct expression?)

Anyhow, thanks for your interest and we shall see you tomorrow with another camper painting! Yey Friday!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

1963 Winnebago Cab Over

1963 Winnebago Cab Overorig. watercolor, 8x10in, matted to fit 11x14in frame
purchase info here

A 1963 Winnebago Cab Over is our camper of the day today. 

What a beauty! It was pure joy for me to paint it. You know how I love red, vintage red that is on those cute campers and this one here sports it! I kept the composition somewhat simplified as I didn't want to take away from the campers beauty. I think it has still lots of interest already with the striped awning and the accessories around it.

The fall has arrived here and it makes me tired. I see all the work that is waiting around the house to be done before winter and all I want to do is curl up and sleep! 
I'm still catching up from my last weekends away painting and on my courses. With three kids the chores just don't do themselves. Oh well, it'll get done. The chores AND the stuff around the house. 

On a positive note, I picked most of the apples from our tree in the back and they are nice and big this year! I hope to grab a longer ladder tomorrow to climb up and get the upper ones- they are even nicer looking! I can see apple crisp in our near future;-)

Thank you for stopping by and I'll be here with another campie, fresh off my easel;-)
thanks again and enjoy the beautiful fall if you can!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1966 Aristocrat LandLiner

1966 Aristocrat LandLinerorig. watercolor, 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)purchase info, click here

I've been practicing white siding again with today's 1966 Aristocrat LandLiner.
Here is the info I received from it's proud owner: 'Set up at the 2nd annual Bodega Bay Rally. My Trailer's name is Scout, after our dog who would have enjoyed camping in it with us.' Yes, I think our dogs love to hang with us in nature, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and companionship offered during camping.

Here is some info on the make from Wiki Tin Can Tourists, bless their heart for collecting all the trailer info for people like me and many more!

"Irv Perlitch (Perch) made his fortune by founding Aristocrat Travel Trailer after moving to Morgan Hill in 1957. Mr. Perch collected unusual antiques such as a 1929 Ford Tri-motor, the first commercial passenger plane to make coast-to-coast flights. In 1969, he sold his successful trailer business to begin work on a 200 acre family resort in Morgan Hill, CA. It was home to his museums of antique cars and airplanes and where he built his Flying Lady Restaurants. Irv Perlitch passed away April 30, 2008."

Hope we can see each other again tomorrow with another camper, what will it be? Not sure yet, but I'm looking forward to painting! Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

1963 Arrow Duplex Cabover

1963 Arrow Duplex Caboverorig. watercolor, 8x10in (matted to fit 11.14in frame)more info and purchase, click here

Welcome to today's 1963 Arrow Duplex Cabover. The step-up tiny camping home for the person who needs a bit more space (or has more kids, haha).

This one here is a 1963, almost 55 years old! I'd love to look this good when I'm 55, just sayin'!

Here is what its proud owner shared with me: "This is my camper Flo. We have a lot of fun because I just 'go with the Flo.'" Some comments make my day, and this was one of those! Thank you very much for sending in your darling Flo for us all to smile with you!

I am posting this, yawning. So tired today. This weekend I was out and about painting at Kings Landing Historic Settlement at their annual plein air fundraiser. The other artists attending are fun to be around with and really, as creating art is kind of a solitary endeavor, it feels special to paint alongside likeminded. We stayed at the bunkhouse where they host the summer camp kids. You can guess how well I slept, haha! 
I will share some of the paintings created with you once the month and my camper project is over. If you are interested in looking at the exhibit and enjoy a wonderful fall excursion, you can head to Kings Landing until October 9th, 2017 before they close for the season.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Pink 1959 Aloha

Pink 1959 Aloha orig. watercolor 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)
purchase info here

Look at today's Pink 1959 Aloha Glamper! Doesn't pink make one smile? This painting is a much simplified version of the sweet photo I received. It had dainty flower garlands wrapped around the awning strings. How to paint those, to convey the right look? 

Well, I opted to leave them out because I wanted the pink color and the striped awning itself to be the focal point. I like the dark contrast of the trees in the background. I pre-wetted the paper and applied the background mixes wet-into-wet. The mingling of the paint makes for soft shapes which I like with the soft pink color.

Here is what info I received along with the photograph: 'Dixie would love to be a fabulous work of art. She is currently out of commission for an indefinite amount of time. It's tough being Vintage. It would be nice tribute.'

So, our little Dixie here is battling old age- just as my Glenette who resides in all single pieces in the back storage of our building. I still have hope that SOME DAY she will be resurrected, I have faith as I cannot see it happen anytime soon. Her frame, stripped bare is rusting slowly but surely parked at the back outside as well.

But let's not finish on a dreary note, so I wish you a great day with a fun surprise or two- even if it's  something little like a smile in a store or the turning colors of a tree nearby. Have a great day, enjoy the little wonders!