Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We Paint What We Cook + Purchase Infos

Rose Hips, 6x6, oil, plein air, 50$

A still life was in order today as I received a big bag of rose hips from a friend to make jam/jelly/syrup. They are so pretty that I just HAD to paint them;-). First time for painting something on a mirror, certainly a different feel... ps: I scraped yesterday's painting effort off the canvas (pink deck chairs) and the 'Rose Hips' are on!                Thanks for stopping by;-)                                                                                                  Simone

As I had some questions regarding sales, here some info:
- sales are on a first come, first served basis (if you like a painting, drop me a line via                               FB or email)
- all paintings are 50$ for 6x6in (this is way less than my regular prices, my way of                                    saying 'thanks' for all your support over the years). Shipping is extra
- of each painting sold, I'll donate 10$ toward 
                             'Let's hear it for Debby' fundraiser for hearing aids
- I don't have anything organized for an exhibit, paintings may take a couple of weeks                              to dry and some might be sold before the challenge is over (for                                        Indulge Festival I might have a special display)

Ein Stillleben war heute genau das Richtige, nachdem ich eine grosse Tuete Hagebutten von einer Freundin bekommen habe zum einkochen. Sie sind so hübsch anzusehen und so MUSSTE ich sie einfach malen;-). Mein erstes Mal dass ich einen Spiegel als Untergrund fuer ein Stillleben nahm, was ganz anderes mal... übrigens habe ich gestriges Bild (pinke Gartenstühle) von der Leinwand abgekratzt und die Hagebutten sind jetzt drauf;-)
Bis morgen dann, danke fuer's vorbeischauen!                                    Simone

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