Friday, January 8, 2016

1965 Gem 'Little Pearl'

1965 Gem 'Little Pearl'

Orig. watercolour painting 5x7in
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Today's cute camper is this 1965 Gem called Pearl. How darling, does it not look like a little bird? According to its proud owner who submitted it with the words 'you need a little Gem 65', it is pretty rare and some digging and googling gave me just a handful of matching images of other Gems floating around there. By what I can see, this one had the front plate removed, which I think often was a contrasting colour, hence some little pin holes in the siding. I was attracted to the very simple set up of just two vintage camping chairs highlighting the simple pleasure of a getaway in nature; heading out for a night or two or three and leave any extravaganza at home. Isn't this what camping is about- back to nature, quieting down, take time to smell the roses and re-focusing on the healing power of stillness and friendship. 
We have a few wonderful campgrounds around our area. One is 'New River Beach', a Provincial sand beach with surprisingly few visitors, it's been a family favourite place for a day trip just to chill out... and what I hear locals say to take the time to visit Campobello Island Campground by the Theodore Roosevelt Provincial Park, where the president had his summer home (it is a Museum and open for visitors). I know a local lady in her 80's who grew up in the Hubbard Cottage, right next to the Roosevelt's and she always talked about the birthday parties that she attended as a kid, the games on the lawn and what a splendid childhood it was! A lot of tea party stories, too!
New River Beach
New River Beach, NB, Canada

Hm, thinking like this makes me long for spring when I plan of taking my dear hubby out in my 'Little Wings' just to sit by the fire, feel the warmth of it and smelling the smoke, hearing the crackle and enjoying the company.  Now, just the thinking of it makes me smile- here we go, that's what little campies do! One way or another!
Do you have favourite camping story or memory that makes you smile? Please share it in the comment section! I'd love to hear!
Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow again!                                       Simone

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