Thursday, January 7, 2016

1967 Silverstreak 'Stella'


1967 Silverstreak 'Stella'

orig. watercolour painting 5x7in
more info and purchase: click here
Today's featured camper is this 1967 Silverstreak called 'Stella'. Glamped up with vintage collectible coolers and earthy tones, the owner tied in beautifully with her trademark-golden-stripe. Silverstreaks are pretty high-end trailers and have a loyal following, arguably sporting better craftsmanship than the ever popular Airstream. I don't really know as I have not seen them side by side, actually never seen a Silverstreak in person yet! Hopefully some day! For more information about these trailers, click here to the Tin Can Tourist Wiki Archive.
I started painting this painting early this morning at 3:30am after a bout of insomnia and stuffy nose- I thought it's better to get up and do something productive than flipping in bed not being able to sleep and driving Markus crazy, too. I just finished the painting now; it felt good to have the bulk of the painting already done!
Was crossing to the US to drop off some shipments at the post office- there are some paintings and calendars underway to their new collectors!
Maybe tomorrow would be a good day to paint an Airstream- what do you think?   Thanks for stopping by!                        Simone

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