Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bell Camper 'Circle G! Bunkhouse'

1973 Bell Circle G! Bunkhouse Simone-Ritter-Art-2016-camper-watercolour-5x7in

Bell Camper 'Circle G! Bunkhouse'

orig. watercolour 5x7 in
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Isn't today's camper a cowgirl's dream? This time around I've been painting quite a few 'cool chick' glampers and today's featured model is no exception! I love the earthy colours, that go so fittingly with the cowgirl theme. I really enjoyed this painting, the trailer is so cute and small!
I keep is short today, but hope you had a good day and as we are in the middle of a snowstorm here in Eastern Canada, I'm happy to paint warm weather colours and campers! My own 'Little wings' is in its winter storage now- just in time! Yey!
To all of you out there in the snow: stay safe; and all of you enjoying warm temperatures- my thoughts are with you and where you are as I'm flipping through vacation trip offers online, ha ha! See you tomorrow, blessings to you!                               Simone
Bell Camper, Simone-Ritter-Art-work-in-progress-2016
here's a little work in progress shot, you can see: minimal light wash outlines, no pencil used.

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