Sunday, January 31, 2016

Camper a Day January 2016 Successful

Camper a Day Collage-January-2016-Vintage-Camper_Simone-Ritter-Art_watercolour_medium
Vintage Camper-a-Day January 2016
So, we've done it! Another successful 30 campers in 30 paintings we created this January! Yey!


I have to admit, it was a lot of work and many late nights. My darling husband waiting on the couch for me, only to find out I'd have no time. But he is always happy for me to do what I love and painting certainly is one- and a love for vintage camper is another. So, it was a wonderful months for me painting a camper-a-day. Of course I couldn't have done it without the many, many stunning photos you sent it after my submission call- what an honour- thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you

to the 1400 other artists globally that painted along this month and posted their awesome art on Leslie Saeta's website. It was a joy to watch every day the postings, it's such a motivator to get up and post and get inspired by all the others!

On another note:

For any newsletter subscribers, I have started to send out the welcome gift greeting cards. If you have not yet received yours yet, it might be that I don't have an address where to send it. If you could give me a mailing address, I will get those out to you after Valentine's;-)- and for any new sign-ups, just fill in at the sign-up screen. I don't use it for spam or selling or anything like this, but to send you the gift. I'm just a one-woman show here, no big company;-)
Anyhow, I'm off now for a few days and will get started on some bigger ideas soon, stay stuned;-)
All my very best to you!                            Simone

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