Monday, January 11, 2016

Shasta 'Daisy Lou'

Shasta Daisy Lou Simone Ritter Art camper 2016 watercolour 5x7

Shasta 'Daisy Lou'

orig. watercolour, 5x7in
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Another late night here... we're inching up to midnight again...
I thought of picking a sweet little Shasta that would not be a challenge in regards to new skill development like painting people (you can read about my experience about that here) and by choosing a straight forward model, that I could get a good head-start painting while the kids and husband were at karate lessons.
The owner of Daisy Lou has been very patiently waiting for months, so I thought this yellow Shasta (I think it's the deluxe, super long version) would fit the bill. But how life of an artist is: don't predict an outcome, never assume, ha ha! As I was painting along, my brush got wondering into hidden details, trying to figure out lettering and checker patterns... oh my...
Yes, I do learn so much every single day painting these small camper watercolours. I think I might become a better person doing it, too. Why? Well, patience has not been one of my strengths and here I do patiently paint small shapes, mixing many colours of which I am using a half a drop of it only. But I am happy with the outcome, the result!
And this should then be an argument for me to stick with it, to give myself this time to grow! Thank you for sticking with me while I do this!
Until tomorrow again!       Simone

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