Friday, January 22, 2016

Somethin' Serro Scotty at the Beach

Somethin' Scotty-Simone-Ritter-Art_2016_camper_watercolour

Somethin' Serro Scotty

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
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Oh my, what a long journey this little Scotty was for me! When a camper is gorgeous in every aspect- set up, colours used and props... it makes it actually quite hard to paint it to do it justice and that stresses me out... So, here I have been tip toeing myself slowly but surely towards the final painting. Actually, not really final either as the photo I took of it, I changed and adjusted some little things here and there as I see things call out to me on the screen, but now it is so late that I don't want to go through the whole photographing, editing, adjusting and cropping and re-sizing for web again. I hope this will be OK for the moment, I will do a re-take tomorrow when I'm fresh again and chipper.
Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you tomorrow again!                   Simone

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