Sunday, January 24, 2016

Toronto Maple Leafs Aer-Flo Camper

Toronto maple leafs camper-Simone-ritter-art-2016-watercolour

Toronto Maple Leafs Aer-Flo Camper

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
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I hope you had a good Sunday today, some might have been somewhat 'under the weather' with the snow blizzard in the Eastern USA. I hope you all are safe and sound!
Fitting with the hockey season and being the national sport of Canada, today's camper is this ultra rare Aer-flo fibreglass camper wearing the Toronto Maple Leafs 'outfit'. The owner is a woman, stemming against the tide of the mostly super girlie glamped up campers. I like the simple and clear design, ready to go camping with her favourite team!
My daughter has a very good friend who is very involved in hockey, and oh man, is she ever good on the ice... she's taking courses and classes in the neighbouring provinces with top notch coaches. What dedication from her loving parents. I'm amazed at the time and enthusiasm that is not only expected from the players but from the whole family, because it takes a family to raise a hockey player! So, go hockey, go- much better than sitting in front of any screen or being bored all day!
For me personally, the ice rinks are a tad too cold, so I'm glad non of my kids have been bitten by the 'bug' (yet). Our eldest however just signed up for figure skating, so here we go... ask me again in a year! Ha Ha!
Blessings to you all! Stay safe and warm, and hope to see you tomorrow with a new campie again!               Simone

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