Monday, January 5, 2015

Sparkle Up!

orig. watercolour
5x7in approx.

Today's beauty, 'Sparkle', has just been awakened to new life via a loving restoration.
Sparkle is a 1964 Little Dipper by Northwest Coach. The strong light and shadow areas on the white siding invited me to paint interesting shadow colours,
so I had fun playing with this!

Meine heutige Schoenheit, 'Sparkle', wurde gerade erst wieder zu neuem Leben erweckt durch eine liebevolle Restaurantion. Sparkle ist ein 1964 Little Dipper by Northwest Coach.
Durch starken Licht-und Schattenkontrast auf weisser Aluhaut, waren interessante Schattenfarben gefragt, so hatte ich viel Spass mit 'Schattenspielen'.


  1. I love my painting of puts a smile on my face! Thank you Simone, you are a very talented artist and I am so happy to have had my trailer featured in such a wonderful way!

  2. Lovely Painting!! So cute and retro. Love the style. Love the colors. Love it all! Congratulations Trailersweetheart on attaining such a beautiful painting!!!